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Kim Kardashian Hickey Confirms Kanye West Relationship

If Kanye West‘s Theraflu confession, Kim Kardashian leaving West’s New York apartment in the same clothes as the night before not enough proof of a burgeoning romance a hickey on the popular Kardashian’s sister’s neck tells the story. Yes, you read right, a hickey! Somethings sticks badly in this romance. First, Kim doesn’t have enough sense to send out a shopper to fetch new garbs for her to leave Kanye’s apartment the next day and surely she knows the obvious whispers a hickey would bring. Wait, this is Kanye and Kim we’re talking about – no one believes ‘Theraflu’ coincidentally dropped the same day as their first date!

During an interview with Ann Curry of the Today’s show Kim stayed coy on her romance, “Kanye and I have been friends for years… You never know what the future holds.”

Kim has since flown back to Los Angeles to spend Easter with her family. Do you think Kanye and Kim dating is a publicity stunt?

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0 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Hickey Confirms Kanye West Relationship

  1. E says:

    Everything Kim K. does is a publicity stunt!!!

  2. Shanice says:

    With her track record that hickey could be from anybody.

  3. BugsyCalhoun says:

    This dude can’t be serious! I really hope not. These boys passing these hoes around like a fat square and this fool talking bout he’s in love. This girl is all about getting paid nigga!


    this woman is a jumpoff she sleeps with everyone i think this is a joke and shes trying to take the attention off her fake marriage she needs to stop

  5. deutsche001 says:

    Why is everyone hating on K and K; both are rich and beautiful people. Stop the jealousy!

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