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Rihanna, Drake ‘Take Care’; Nicki Minaj ‘Beez In The Trap’ Music Video

Rihanna and Drake brought their chemistry to the Young Money rapper’s newest music video ‘Take Care’ while his fellow label mistress Nicki Minaj dropped ‘Beez In The Trap’.

‘Take Care’ is a sleek black and white video with images showcasing the awesomeness of nature. Director Yoann Lemoine revealed his inspiration;

“It pays tribute to nature. When I listened to the track, I was seeing a landscape … involving animals and massive landscapes. It’s not narrative at all, it involves animals.

Lemoine also played on the chemistry of the duo who had a brief relationship years ago,  “They seemed to be super close and that’s what I wanted for the video.”

Watch Rihanna and Drake’s Take Care music video:

In stark contrast is Nicki Minaj in all her hip hop glory, fanning herself with hundred dollar bills, a few scantily clad strippers, more than a few curse words and an upcoming raper, 2 Chainz, hoping to glom on to the Barbie rapper.

This is the explicit version, check it below:

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