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Nicki Minaj Inspired By Madonna Not Lady Gaga

Is Nicki Minaj trying to out-Gaga Lady Gaga?! That is the question most asked by fans who’re accusing the hip hop/pop artist of stealing the Fame Monster’s style. Of course Lady Gaga has withstood her own share of criticism from fans who believed she stole her style from Madonna. In the case of Nicki Minaj she decided to skip the middle man – woman in this case. The ‘Starships’ singer visited Matt Lauer on the Today’s show when she was whether she’s inspired by Lady Gaga and Madonna to reinvent herself. Her answer,

“Well, I don’t really know gaga, but Madonna, I had the pleasure of working with her, obviously, and I feel like she’s really changed and reinvented not only herself but pop culture. So what inspired me about Madonna is that she’s able to balance all of this with her family and her personal life. And I told her–I was like, “How do you do this,” you know, with your children there and she’s a great mom. You know, she’s just everything.”

Check out the full interview below. What do you think of Nicki’s answer?

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0 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Inspired By Madonna Not Lady Gaga

  1. Nick says:

    utter bullshit. Nicki Mania is clearly ripping off Lady Gaga.

  2. Jennifer Riley says:

    Yeah fucking right, this ugly ass no talent bitch is heavily inspired/influenced by Lady Gaga, she’s a wannabe Lady Gaga, a poor mans Lady Gaga.

  3. DAaan says:

    ha! …a little more and she change her name for Nicki Gaga !!!

  4. Uberweisen says:

    Who the hell would copy gaga??? Gaga sucks! Gaga is not original and has copied Madonna time after time!!! Nicki Minaj is awesome and kicks gaga’s ass every time!!!

  5. acb87 says:

    no she clearly ripping of missy elliot, lil kim and madonna. how can you rip off someone when you came out with music videos and songs before that person? lady gag is from ny so she most likely seen nicki mixtape video and stole some ideas.

  6. joe says:

    Well it’s good to hear her say that Madonna inspires her unlike TRANNY Lady Xerox who does nothing but rip off MADONNA the Queen of Pop

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