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Tyler Perry Forces Police Investigation Over Traffic Stop

Tyler Perry‘s voice carries weight. The film director, producer and writer shared his personal experience of what he believed was racial profiling at the hands of two white police officers earlier this week. According to Tyler he knowingly made an illegal left turn to confirm he wasn’t being following – a procedure he learned from his security team. Perry detailed the entire incident on his Facebook and closed with these words: “RACIAL PROFILING SHOULD BE A HATE CRIME INVESTIGATED BY THE FBI!!!

In a time when Florida police are coming under fire for the injustice in Trayvon Martin’s case it appears Atlanta police doesn’t want the heat and are acting quickly to get to the bottom of the incident. According to TMZ Atlanta police stated they’re looking into “whether any departmental policies or procedures were violated during the stop.”

Tyler isn’t receiving the sympathy he’d hoped after several readers chastised him for turning a legitimate traffic stop into a racial issue. Reportedly there was an eyewitness who all but confirmed Perry’s story when he told TMZ that the officers were “giving Tyler a hard time” during the stop until a black officer arrived.

Do you think Tyler Perry overreacted?

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