Rihanna Expresses Strong Interest In Whitney Houston's Biopic

Rihanna may have shot herself in the foot last year when she proudly declared her disdain for taking on roles as a singer because it’s already her day job. It appears when the role is that of musical icon Whitney Houston, things change.

According to the UK Telegraph the ‘Man Down’ singer revealed no attempts have been made to secure the role but she’s definitely interested.

“I didn’t get that call yet. That would be something that I would have to give my entire life to do because I would want to really pull it off. That’s a huge, huge role and whoever does it has to do a good job.”

Rihanna continued to make her case by jumping in the pool of countless singers who have been influenced by Houston, “My first song that I remember falling in love with was a Whitney Houston song — ‘I Will Always Love You,’” she continued. “It was really inspiring and it made me develop a passion for music, so really she’s partly responsible for me being here in this industry.”

Just weeks after the singer’s death both Rihanna and Jennifer Hudson were front runners but Clive Davis denied a biopic was even in the works. Time will tell.
Do you think Rihanna could pull off the role as Whitney Houston?

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