Beyonce & Jay-Z Celebrate 4th Wedding Anniversary With Intimate Photos

Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z celebrate their fourth year wedding anniversary today April 4th. Though we may never know how they choose to honor their day of becoming one—we get a gift out of the deal too! Bey has decided to join Blue Ivy Carter on Tumblr. More on that a little later.

The reigning hip hop couple who dated six years before tying the knot back in 2008 has had a fixation with the number four. Besides their birthdays, Bey’s last album, and friends/family birthdays, the influential couple can add their fourth anniversary to the enigma that surrounds the number for the seemingly happy duo.

As best we can tell, the immensely private powerhouse couple began dating while, before, or after (LOL!) their collaboration on “Bonnie And Clyde.”

Tickling our senses with a snippet of insight into their love life, Bey once shared with Harpers Bazaar: “We focused three years on our marriage and found that it brought us an even stronger bond and connection. But like anything great and successful in your life, marriage takes hard work and sacrifice.”

“It has to be something both you and your husband deeply want. The best thing about marriage is the amount of growth you have because you can no longer hide from your fears and insecurities. There’s someone right there calling you out on your flaws and building you up when you need the support. If you are with the right person, it brings out the best version of you.”

The couple’s transformation into reigning as the super-couple to watch has been exciting: From their love hiding-in-plain-sight through multiple collaborations, to the mastery of dodging questions about their relationship (Bey became a pro! LOL!), to Jay Z declaring aloud his plans to “marry the woman he loved,” to other flirty yet covert messages to the birth of their beautiful little girl—the Carter’s have made their relationship journey envy worthy without shoving their love down people’s throats.

Now, back to the “Love On Top” singer joining Tumblr. We can’t believe it, but we love that she will be showing more her of her private self.

Beyonce’s Tumblr designer, Matthew Siskin, revealed the new-mom will showcase 150 pictures to begin with. I’m sensing a Tumblr crash! LOL! The account will open some time today relinquishing the requirement for a password.

Happy fourth anniversary to the gracious Carters! And many, many more! See 3 of the 150 pictures below!



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