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Tyler Perry Connects Trayvon Martin Case To Personal Experience

Tyler Perry recounted a recent confrontation with law enforcement on his official Facebook fan page after allegedly pulled over and interrogated by Atlanta police.

The flagrant Madea impersonator described Sunday in a lengthy essay how he made an illegal turn to determine if his gut feeling of being followed was correct. Two police officers pulled him over and pressed him about his actions. The officers also made mention of his tinted windows and probed the filmmaker as to why he thought he was being followed by them.

The incident deflated after a third officer arrived explaining who Tyler was and immediately the officers apologized.

Tyler’s post broke the internet, well, not really. But the “Good Deeds” actor’s post seems to resonate for many. At the time of this article, Tyler’s post had been shared 11, 549 times, liked 113, 532 times with 20,567 comments, so his unfortunate incident is spreading like wildfire and could be the necessary fuel to get the FBI involved in racial profiling incidents as he desires.

“RACIAL PROFILING SHOULD BE A HATE CRIME INVESTIGATED BY THE FBI!!! That way local government can’t make the decision on whether or not these people get punished,” Perry posted.

Read Tyler’s story in-part:

“…The officer came up to the driver’s door and said that I made an illegal turn. I said, “I signaled to get into the turning lane, then made the turn because I have to be sure I’m not being followed.” He said, “why do you think someone would be following you?

Before I could answer him, I heard a hard banging coming from the passenger window. I had never been in this position before so I asked the officer who was at my window what was going on and why is someone banging on the window like that. He said, “let your window down, let your window down. Your windows are tinted.” As I let down the passenger window, there was another officer standing on the passenger side of the car. He said, “what is wrong with you?” The other officer said to him, “he thinks he’s being followed.” Then, the second officer said, “why do you think someone is following you? What is wrong with you…?

As I stepped out of the car another officer pulled up in front of my car. This officer was a black guy. He took one look at me and had that “Oh No” look on his face. He immediately took both officers to the back of my car and spoke to them in a hushed tone. After that, one of the officers stayed near his car while one came back, very apologetic.

I said all of that to say this: do you see how quickly this could have turned for the worse?”

“The Why Did I Get Married” producer ended his story with two high profiled racial incidents, most notably the Trayvon Martin Case.

“Now I know that there are many great officers, patrolmen and security guys out there. I am aware of that. But although we have made significant strides with racial profiling in this country, the world needs to know that we are still being racially profiled, and until this situation has improved greatly, I’m not sure how a murder in Florida can be protected by a ‘stand your ground law.’”


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0 thoughts on “Tyler Perry Connects Trayvon Martin Case To Personal Experience

  1. Jack Foster says:

    Mr. Tyler Perry, I lived with Racial Profiling all My Life, I can understand your concerns to this Problem, I have a Show Idea, that Maybe We can Change the way Minorities are being Treated on a Daily Basis!! I’m in Los Angeles, Ca. Feel Free to Contact Me at (909)896-4578, my name is Jack, or you can find Me on Facebook as Cadillac Jack, in Laguna Beach, Ca. I would loved to Share this Idea with You, I just don’t have the mean’s to Produce this Show!! It could save alot Minorities from being profiled, an save Cities, alot of Money in Civil Law Suit’s, an remove the Bad Cops!! Thank You for taking the Time to Read my Comment!! God Bless!!

  2. Dizzle says:

    Does Tyler Perry know what profiling is? He made an illegal left turn. This example of his is pretty lame. I think he was upset that he wasn’t recognized.

  3. the cheif says:

    spoken by a true redneck! if i were tyler i wouldnt care who notices me bc i am happy and i make money bc i make people laugh! prolfiling is something all races do but respect is what some law enforcement officers lack! I bet if it was a beautiful woman that was pulled over bother officer would have handled the situation a bit differently. why? because society frowns upon verbal abuse to women but to a male heck no. why should i give him respect im the law! oops he is a celebrity oh my he has a voice that people will listen to…haha! yea thats rite apoligize to him and tuck ya lil tail! people need jesus!

  4. misterlucky says:

    Dizzle is correct…put yourself in the officers’ shoes: you flagrantly make an illegal move in traffic, WITH a patrol vehicle behind you, which is more than enough reason to pull you over….dark tinted windows and erratic driving, knowing law enforcement vehicles are in your immediate vicinity….what’s wrong with you? follow that up with some paranoia claims of being followed, which naturally begs the queston: why would someone be following you?.

    celeb status does not put a person above the law…i wouldn’t feel any better getting run down by a trannny celeb than i would getting hit by some soccer mom.

    and by the way the standard definition of transvestite is a man wearing women’s clothes…i don’t think money or politics has issued a new definition in NEWSPEAK yet for that, have they?..big brother is watching.

  5. Voice of ReAON says:

    You WOULD think something like that

  6. Georgia W says:

    My 19 year son was pulled over twice on the same day in Dacula, GA because they said his tire thread was too low. He has to now drive around with a voice recorder and his cellphone in his car at all times and instructed to call us on speaker each time he is pulled over. We are from the north and have never been so scared for his life until we moved here. By the way each time he was pulled over it was within a mile of his college in Lawrenceville, GA.

  7. Tamika says:

    Yes, I’m sure he knows what racial profiling is. Did you not read the store? The other officer had to pull the other two oficers over to tell them who Tyler Perry was. I dont think Tyler was upset that the officers didnt recoginze him. This man is a Billionare, who doesnt know Tyler Perry is. I think that was an great example. This man, has to be careful and be aware of his surrounding at all times. Not just him but anybody.

  8. celia keena says:

    That sounds about right.

  9. Preston says:

    Tyler Perry needs to go sit down somewhere. He is trying to get into everything. He made a wrong turn and that is why he was stopped. People get killed and injured everyday from people making the same dumb decisons in a car. They probably was talking rude to Mr. Perry because they are frustrated when they see people make dumb decsions on the road.If you ever have been in an accident and see what the police have to go thru from both sides you will understand them getting mad when people make idiot moves in a car.

  10. know_your_place says:

    you truly are a idiot you are completely misinformed. please stay in school

  11. Raoul says:

    @Dizzle, I am going to assume that you do not comprehend english very well. He felt he was being followed so he made that illegal U-turn on purpose in order to be pulled over. The reason behind that was to see if he was in fact being tailed by the officers.

  12. lexington marlow says:

    Did you not read where he said he told the officer that he signalled to enter the turning lane which means the u turn was not illegal ? Where are you being ignorant ?

  13. D Right One says:

    Racial profiling does happen. I bought a new SUV and like the next month, I got pulled over on the interstate and wasn’t speeding or anything. This was in Knoxville, TN. The cop checked my license and title just to be sure I hadn’t stolen it. I didn’t realize that was what he was after until afterwards.

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