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Kim Kardashian: Why The Flour Bomber And PETA Are Dead Wrong

By now, you have heard of the flour bombing incident involving Kim Kardashian. After all, it’s impossible not to know happenings of a Kardashian in a 24-hour circuit, but that’s neither here nor there.

The gorgeous brunette was attending a red carpet launch for her latest perfume, True Reflections, on Thursday when a female heavily doused her with what is now known to be flour—a flour bomb—in her hair and on her back while allegedly yelling “fur hag.”

The young intruder walked up pretending to be part of the media junket before making her attack. And yes, let’s be clear, this was an attack. Why does anyone think they have the right to throw any substance on someone because they dislike what they do or who they are?

Kim was gracious about being powder-whipped. She cleaned up, and minutes later returned to her launch. That was then, now Kim, who has been suffering from many forays as of late, is considering pressing charges against the flour pusher.

“Now that I think about it and had some time to digest it, I think, ‘What if that was some other substance? What if that person had a dangerous weapon?’ It’s scary,” Kardashian told E! News. “And what’s even scarier is this woman acted as if she was a part of the press. She just came out of nowhere! And so we are definitely changing things up a little bit, amping up security, taking some measures, and…I’m gonna definitely deal with it because it is not acceptable.”

And I think Kim has a point.

While the aggressor supposedly has no dealings with PETA, PETA’s response was less than apologetic about the flour incident and has offered to pay the interloper’s legal fees if Kim presses charges.

“If anything, Kim should get a life, the very thing that she denies animals.”

I get the annoyance brought on by Kim Kardashian, but I don’t wear her perfumes, I don’t watch any of her reality shows, I don’t listen to her interviews, hence less consumption equals less annoyance.

Why is this difficult? Dislike someone or something, then avoid.

When did it become socially apt to mistreat or humiliate someone because you simply don’t care for what they wear, what they are selling, or who they are? There wouldn’t be flour on the shelves if we all took this stance.

It’s okay not to like who she is, but why must you hate her?

By Deidre White

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