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Bethenny Frankel's Mom Believes She May Cheat On Jason Hoppy

Bethenny Frankel’s estranged mother Bernadette Burke is taking low shots at her daughter’s marriage to Jason Hoppy in a new Star magazine interview, Radar Online is exclusively reporting.

While the newlyweds aren’t shy about discussing their marital woes on their reality television show “Bethenny Ever After,” Burke is making seedy comments about the duo, particularly her own daughter in a way no parent should.

“His problem is he’s too nice, and she’ll grab another nice one, he is replaceable,” Burke said. “Nice is boring and Bethenny gets bored with nice. I know she is bored because I get bored watching him.”

She even suggested Bethenny wasn’t beneath cheating on her pharmaceutical sales rep hubby.

“She cheated on her first husband after her first couple of months of marriage.”

“She doesn’t have any respect for marriage because she has never seen good marriages. She would never have married Jason but she wanted to have a child and the timing was right. She got what she wanted out of this, she married because of public opinion.”

Her angry mother didn’t stop at attacking the sanctity of her marriage, but her parenting skills too.

“She has always hired people to take care of the baby; she doesn’t take care of that child she does photo shoots.”

The 41-year-old reality star turned entrepreneur is not expected to take the hurled insulted in stride.

The star is set to lash out at Bernadette in an upcoming episode of “Bethenny Ever After” where she will proclaim how she “hates her!”



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