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Leolah Brown Blames Ray-J For Whitney Houston's Recent Cocaine Use

UPDATE-Bobby Brown’s sister Leolah Brown is making more shocking claims surrounding the untimely death of Whitney Houston. After the coroners office released Whitney’s toxicology report, detailing recent cocaine use, Leolah explicitly blamed Ray-J for her death. Brown, along with Bobbi Kristina‘s cousins sat down with Headline News Dr. Drew last night.

When asked for her take on recent updates Leolah let it all out,

“I saw Ray-J coming out of the hotel hiding his head being pushed into the car. Why is he hiding his face? He’s always trying to show his face when he’s around Whitney.”

She continued, “And I put it all together. When I first heard she passed away I said ‘My God somebody gave her a bad bag.’ And then I saw Ray-J and it all added up.”

Bobby Brown‘s sister didn’t stop there, explaining that Whitney always maintained she was never in a relationship with Ray-J despite him telling others he was her boyfriend. Whitney revealed her young friend was nothing more than a ‘runner’ boy.

“Why was this boy allowed to do that around Pat (Patricia Houston was Whitney’s manager) and Gary (Houston).

Leolah went on to blame Patricia for not knowing more about Whitney’s whereabouts and whether she was back on drugs.

In another clip of the interview Bobbi Kristina’s cousins stated Patricia and Gary Houston were leaving the hotel with luggage and showed very little concern for Whitney’s daughter during her emotional break down.

Update: Ray J insist he had no idea Whitney was back on drugs and denies Leolah’s accusations.

Watch the two part video with Bobby Brown’s sister below:

1st video:

2nd video:

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  1. scallywag says:

    What is interesting to note is now that the cause of the singer’s death has become public various tribes are busily trying to paint a picture they had no idea she was back on drugs (Cissy), that others are to blame (specifically Ray J- Whitney’s boyfriend) or that there may have indeed been other mystery players involved, which may or may not be true and which may or may not absolve parties close to home who should of have known or did know or just chose conveniently to step out of the way(or even participate?)….that plus the fact this may ultimately be a clever pr campaign to distance the singer from the fact that she died being a junkie.

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