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Evelyn Lozada And 'Crazy' Ochocinco Keep Wedding Date A Secret

UPDATE-Despite signing a new deal with VH1 to air their wedding, Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada and her fiance Chad Ochocinco are keeping their wedding date a secret. The New England Patriots wide receiver and his reality TV star fiance will reportedly each receive $300,000 and a lavish wedding courtesy of VH1.

The show titled ‘Ev & Ocho’ will include eight 30 minute episodes leading up to a two-part wedding special. Check out the press release below:

“Audiences will get a glimpse into all aspects of Evelyn and Chad’s relationship, from the tumultuous times, having to deal with cheating rumors and heartache, to dealing with the often negative and always invasive tabloid press, social media criticism of their partnership and tough family decisions about who’ll walk Evelyn down the aisle. Viewers will watch Evelyn and Chad work through their dream wedding with celebrity wedding planner Diann Valentine and decide on important details including the cake, the designer dress, the exclusive invite list and more. Preparation will not be easy as these stars battle the balance between their hectic daily schedules and planning a celebrity-studded wedding. Planning “happily ever after” is never a smooth course.”

During the   VH1’s Morning Buzz Evelyn revealed that Chad is not only crazy but is a bridezilla!

“He wants to walk down the aisle. He’s like, ‘let’s do it different. You can wait for me, and I’ll walk down.’” “Chad is crazy” but no fret Evelyn insists, “He’s not stealing my moment.”

Will you watch ‘Ev & Ocho’?

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