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Jonah Hill Gets Cocky On 'Saturday Night Live'

Jonah Hill was probably the only  person in the world that expected him to be nominated for an Academy Award earlier this year for his role in the baseball drama Moneyball. This became more evident when the Project X actor took to the stage last night to host Saturday Night Live.

Hill delivered an insanely funny monologue that depicted him as a self absorbed actor, with a new-found snooty attitude.  Speaking in third person, Hill gloated about his multiple Oscars and referred to himself as “one of our finest actors.”

Although Hill’s sense of humor about himself was great entertainment, that skit, unfortunately, was the only highlight of the night. Especially because he recruited Tom Hanks to join him in his narcissistic speil. Still, none of the sketches were trainwrecks like the previous episode with Lindsay Lohan.

Check out the best Saturday Night Live skit of the night and watch hilarity ensue.

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