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Basketball Wives Star Evelyn Lozada Demands Loyalty From Cast Mates

If you thought the days of the ‘circle’ was over on Basketball Wives – it was just kicked into high gear. While Suzie Ketcham embarrassingly wormed her way back into the circle, Royce Reed opted out altogether. But in season four of BBW, Jennifer Williams surprisingly found herself on the outs and her now rival Evelyn Lozada will do all it takes to keep her out. By episode two Evelyn was reminding Jennifer that she’s on the show because of her and their required trip per season will not include Jennifer. “The reason why you’re here is because of me, let’s keep it real.” Jennifer responds it’s actually because of Shaunie (who brings down her head but decides against providing further clarification). So she’s out of the trip which we already know will be in Tahiti thanks to Tami’s purse snatching incident. But Evelyn doesn’t stop with banning Williams from the trip, on Monday night’s episode airing tomorrow, she makes her way to Kesha Nichols who’s hosting the National Brain Tumor Society charity event.

Reportedly Evelyn stated, “If she goes, I’m not going.”

“My National Brain Tumor Society Event is not the place for that type of fighting. I would definitely want you to be there,” responds Kesha. We’re guessing did know Evelyn had the propensity to stomp over dinner tables and throw a full bottle of wine at another person.

Evelyn reminds Jennifer who’s the boss:

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0 thoughts on “Basketball Wives Star Evelyn Lozada Demands Loyalty From Cast Mates

  1. Arlene says:

    This is ridiculous…these ladies need to grow up. smh

  2. Benita says:

    This show is stupid and I am tire of it. I actually stopped watching it two season again, but this season people just talking about it makes me sick. It is obvious to me that Evelyn could have never been friends with Jennifer because it just isn’t that serious. These old ass ladies need to seat down somewhere, enough already. Jennifer was the only person on the show that was actually married to anyone period, Shaunie couldn’t have been Jennifer friend either. Evelyn is a bully and I will never watched this show again, because this is what we are supposed to be teaching our kids to stay away from.

  3. vanessa says:

    Evelyn, we had an idea, guess what you can name that new show coming in September? Ev and Ocho’s Big Day. (surprise, laughs)!

    Another note, Oh We absolutely love those pics of shaneice that you have posted on your website. Woooow, she can definitely work for Wilhemina or Ford Models but we still would want her to gain her college degree to Ev. That is very important to us, she will always have more options in terms of careers. It is also a great personal goal to achieve your college degree. Oh, we just want everything for Ms. shaniece she’s a great girl!!

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