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President Obama Documentary 'The Road We've Traveled' Trailer Released

President Barack Obama has released a new trailer to his upcoming documentary The Road We’ve Traveled. The Road We’ve Traveled is a new 17 minute movie about President Obama’s first term in the White House.

Tom Hanks narrated the short film which picks up where Davis Guggenheim’s 2008 campaign film for President Obama left off. The previous movie’s concept was centered around hope and change, and this film focuses on restored hope and the President’s accomplishments thus far as the Commander-In-Chief.

Oscar winning director Davis Guggenheim, who headed Al Gore’s global warming film An Inconvenient Truth, uses interviews with Obama’s closest advisers to understand the inner-workings of the President’s everyday life in the White House. In the film, Guggenheim paints a picture of a fearless leader fighting to solve tough problems that plague the country.

The short movie will be released next week, and will be used to help the President at campaign events later this year.

Video below:

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