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Hilarious! Sh*t Beyonce Says Video Goes Viral

Just when you thought the onslaught of sh*t the say videos was nearing its end, comedian Darmirra has hit a winner with Sh*t Beyonce Says. In just under three days she has reached 105,535 views and counting. The clip touches on Rihanna’s latest twitter beef, allegedly, with Chris Brown’s girlfriend, Kanye’s relationship with Jay, the Carters naming their daughter Blue Ivy and a few other Beyonce euphemism that her self proclaimed stans admittedly found funny. And we too must admit…it’s funny.

Here are a few notable lines:

I own all of that. All those houses over there, I own that too. You hear those birds chirping, I own them.

I told u stop callin my house u a child Rihanna’s dressing up dress cakes …I B DAMM IF I SEE ANOTHER CHICK ON HIS ARM!!!!!!!!!

You with Kanye? YA’LL IN PARIS?! That shit cray….

….and then i remember.. its because im light skinned

Watch Beyonce below:

Here’s a bonus video: Sh*t Rihanna says: Enjoy!!

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