Bethenny Frankel Whines About Millions Amid Divorce Rumors

UPDATE-Is Bethenny Frankel whining about her multimillion dollar Skinnygirl business? More on this later. For now let’s talk Bethenny and husband Jason Hoppy experiencing explosive challenges in their marriage as depicted on their reality show ‘Bethenny Ever After.’

While previous episodes have revealed their hardships, the forthcoming show depicts the relatively new couple as taking a sharp nose-dive.

The scene is set as the two prepare for a family weekend outing, with Bethenny infuriated that Jason refuses to discuss their previous fight (typical male, right?).

“I’m really hurt by it. I can’t move on,’ she tells the cameras. ‘He just wants to sweep it under the rug like it didn’t happen and it kills me.”

In complete Bethenny fashion, she pushed the issue as the two began to really get into a heated argument about past arguments in the parking lot.

‘You tell me my therapist… I pay him to tell me what I want to hear, you can’t be the person that you really are,’ she says. ‘Saying to me that “You’re going to end up all alone” saying to me “You’re damaged.”‘

Jason categorically disagreed and did not want the argument about past arguments to be carried over into their family outing.

‘If your intention is to go on this trip and air our dirty laundry I don’t think that’s fair to both of us or our relationship.”

To which Bethenny snapped: “We can’t talk about anything anyway.   Every time I try, you yell at me and tell me what a bad person I am. I’m just going to cry all weekend because that’s all I do anyway and we don’t have to talk at all.”

And this is where the “Skinny” author seems to have lost it and before proclaimed she’s reached her “breaking point.”

“I’m definitely at a breaking point, I’m tired of being the only one who has problems, is the crazy one, everything is my fault, it just must be me. I just think Jason has to take responsibility for 50 percent of this relationship.”

After her mini breakdown to the cameras over her marriage, she confessed to Jason that she was worried how he was perceived to others—as a perfect husband. And that was Jason’s ending point!

“Then I’m done. I’m not going. I’m sorry, I’m not going, it’s not worth it to me,” Jason says, before leaving Bethenny in the parking lot holding their baby daughter, Bryn.

While being filmed going through tumultuous rifts in a relationship couldn’t help matters, the entrepreneur admits that their love, marriage, and having a child was a whirlwind as probably not helping their marriage stressors. In lieu of ending up in divorce court as many reality couples do, Bethenny has opted to make this her last season – guess she still knows a thing or two. 🙂

You can catch the drama unfold on the upcoming  “Bethenny Ever After” on Bravo, Mondays 9/8c. In other Frankel news, the successful businesswoman reveals in a recent interview with Forbes Bethenny revealed that her new fame has caused the people around to change – for the worse.

“The most difficult thing in my journey is the way that people have reacted to my making money,” she tells Moira Forbes. “Money brings out a really vicious side in other people. It surprises me because you always think about people making money and it changing them, you never think about it changing everyone else.”

“Fame isn’t the thing that changed the people around me, but money is. People look at you differently. People make up stories about you. People speculate about what you have and what you’ve done and really try and tear you down. I had no idea that would be the case. And I think it’s really despicable. It’s not like I sat at home and shook a money tree.”

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