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Kris Humphries Prefers Kim Kardashian Return Wedding Gifts

Kim Kardashian is trying her best to lessen the blow to her public image after her marriage to Kris Humphries was stunted a mere 72 days. The curvaceous bombshell is doubling the dollar amount she received in wedding gifts to her fave charity, “Dream Foundation.”

Reportedly, the short-lived newlyweds procured a hundred grand in wedding gifts back in August, which would make for an exorbitant donation to the foundation that is a “wish-granting organization” akin to “Make-A-Wish” Foundation.

“Our dreamers have received a life expectancy of one year or less, and lack the resources to achieve their dreams on their own,” according to the charity’s website. “While we cannot cure their diseases, we can dramatically impact the quality of their fragile lives with the joy experienced from a dream come true.”

The reality star, who was recently seen out with NeNe Leakes from the Atlanta Housewives grabbing lunch (peculiar duo, right?), forwarded every guest a thank you note, reassuring that their gift was not fraudulently obtained.

“I would like to thank you for your generous and thoughtful wedding gift. It has taken me some time to pull everything together but I wanted to let you know that the money for every gift received by me at my wedding has been donated to the Dream Foundation.”

Apparently Kim is aiming to put a dent in the rumor that the marriage was a made-for-tv event to prompt more Kardashian ratings along with more moolah.

In standing with Kim’s decision, the “Dream Foundation” sent a thank you note to guests as well. In part it read, “Kim felt that this was the most fitting way to acknowledge and pay forward your gift with the same compassion and kindness it was intended.”

Kudos to Kim for donating to the worthy charity but Kris Humphries isn’t buying it! According to sources , “Kris has always felt they should return gifts to the people that spent their money on it. Kris respects Kim for donating money and is happy she is doing that. He 100 percent thinks that is great, but she should give the gifts back.”

Great act of kindness or a ploy to save face?

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