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Brandy Dedicates New Album 'Two Eleven' To Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston died on February 11th, Brandy Norwood‘s birthday is February 11th, Brandy’s new album may be called Two Eleven/2/11. It’s no coincidence that the ‘Boy is Mine’ singer who has made no secret of the impact Houston has had on her career would chose to dedicate her latest album to this icon. During a concert at The Factory nightclub this past weekend she revealed her new album would drop June 2012. Rumors circulated there would be a tribute performance but Brandy quickly squashed the hopes of her listening audience,

“I heard there was a rumor that I was doing a Whitney Houston tribute tonight – unfortunately that’s not true, because I would be an emotional wreck right now. I’m just not ready to sing any of her songs. you guys know what that’s like.”

Norwood’s new album will include work from Monica, Chris Brown, Frank Ocean and Drake.

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