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Rihanna Requested Chris Brown Feature Says The Dream

Rihanna is not ‘crazy’ says producer The Dream. The mega producer worked on Rihanna’s break out hit ‘Umbrella’ and he’s ready to make some more hits with a little controversy to boot. Earlier this week Chris Brown and his ‘Turn up the Music’ collaborator have been bombarded with insults over their decision to reunite three years after the assault.

Rihanna has remained largely quite other than a few tweets about the backlash but The Dream says it was her idea and there’s a bigger plan involved.

“It was Rih’s idea.   Not only do we work together, but [Rihanna] is a friend of mine. And it’s like, ‘You wanna do something? Then cool, let’s do it.'”

“For me, it’s just music — two talented people doing a record together, doing two records together, and that’s what it was. It wasn’t about an incident that happened. The true thing really is to forgive, and… you want to believe in people,” said the producer to

Despite his optimism Dream did have some reservations but ultimately believed the ‘Man Down’ singer knew what she was getting herself into when she brought up the idea.

“When she raised the question to me, I know she’s not crazy. So my thought was you’ve been thinking about this, you’ve already thought it out, so evidently you know what reaction you gonna get.”

“She’s pretty smart too. The same questions that went through my mind, and I’m an artist also, had to have gone through hers,” he added to MTV Rapfix.

While the conversation continues primarily around condemning Rihanna for her decision and Chris Brown for his alleged lack of growth, The Dream, says the topic should be about forgiveness.

“I think [the topic] that should be more on the tongues is: how do we proclaim to be a nation of forgiving, and we go by all of these rules and everything, but we can’t actually do it? It actually makes you look weaker than your adversary — if you don’t have the power to forgive, but you lie and say that you did.”

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