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Kim Kardashian Wins Apology From Publicist Claiming Marriage Was Fake

Kim Kardashian has reached a settlement with publicist Jonathan Jaxson who claimed to have had personal access to the star’s inside world including dibs on her allegedly fake 72-day marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries.

Jaxson professed to be the reality star’s publicist from 2007 to 2009 alleging he would often stage publicity stunts to boost Kim’s profile and that her short-lived marriage to the New Jersey Nets player was part of that landscape for added noise to up her fame factor.

The fake wedding commentary was too much for the voluptuous beauty and her legal team launched a 200,000 dollar lawsuit against the blogger accusing him of undermining her reputation.

“Kim Kardashian is very happy to announce that she has reached a settlement of her claims against Jonathan Jaxson,” according to her lawyers. “Kim is extremely pleased with the outcome of the matter.”

Apparently a public apology was part of the settlement.

“I wanted to apologize publicly to Kim Kardashian for any confusion that I may have caused by the personal statements I made recently regarding Kim Kardashian,” Jaxson wrote. “I would like to further clarify that I did not have any firsthand knowledge of Kim’s relationship with Kris.   Any statement I made regarding Kim and her marriage was my opinion only and was not intended to imply firsthand knowledge of Kim’s thoughts and feelings.”

Though this is a victory for Kim, she still is dealing with the dissolution of her marriage with Kris and a tell-all book from ex-boyfriend Ray J that doesn’t paint the best picture of her.

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