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Jennifer Aniston Celebrates 43rd Birthday Amid Pregnancy Rumors

Jennifer Aniston who’s set to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, covers the March issue of GQ with actor Paul Rudd. Aniston weighs in on love, being in her 40’s, marriage, and those pesky, persistent pregnant rumors.

The comical pair co-stars in the David Wain film, “Wanderlust”, where they play a married couple who tries to escape modern society by leaving their cushy lives in New York.

While the “Our Idiot Brother” thinks that marriage is “constantly tending the garden, constantly working at it,” his on-screen wife agrees adding, “It’s a growing, literally living thing. There’s going to be growing pains, there’s going to be awkward moments, your lanky phase, your pimpled phase.”

Aniston, who is often plagued with pregnancy rumors delved right into the tackling the perpetual is she/isn’t she topic.

“I’m not having triplets. Or twins. Nor am I having one baby. (lifts up sweater, gestures to flat belly) I did not elope. You heard it here. I’m not knocked up.”

Though her sexy cover where she  wore a black satin bra and a black mini revealing her yoga-toned legs in black stilettos should be proof enough, the petite, svelte “Horrible Bosses” actress can seem to escape the rumors.

Why is the chatter about her being with child so unrelenting?

“Well, I recently quit smoking, and you do put on some extra pounds,” Jennifer said. “It makes a difference, especially if you’re not 20. I think people maybe want me to have a kid now.”

Not that she has any issues being beyond her 20’s: “Forty’s great! Oh, my God, my thirties blew! My forties are great.” The 43-year-old, who just celebrated her birthday at a swanky penthouse with her friends on Saturday thanks to her current beau, Justin Theroux, who also co-stars in Wanderlust, isn’t waiving the possibility of little ones.

“I still kind of go with, if it happens, it happens. I’m calm and peaceful with whatever the plan is. It’s not something where I’m going, ‘I gotta have a kid!'”

Jennifer adds she doesn’t feel pressured to have a “picture-perfect” life despite media expectations: “”I think that’s sort of cliche, isn’t it? Like, if you want to be happy, you should have the house, the husband, the kids… Kids are messy!”

Catch Jennifer Aniston in the March edition of GQ on newsstands February 21.

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