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Lea Michele Confirms She Is Not Up For 'Spring Awakening' Role

Lea Michele would be perfect for her old role as Wendla in the upcoming film version of the Broadway play ‘Spring Awakening. That’s why fans were ecstatic when rumors proliferated around the web that the Glee Star was in talks to reprise her role in the film.

Unfortunately, those rumors have proven false and the actress herself released a statement confirming that Michele is not currently speaking with producers of the show about starring in ‘Spring Awakening.’ Michele told EW: ‘Spring Awakening is so special to me, as is the character Wendla. We have discussed this as a possibility, and we’ll see what happens.’

So to the delight of fans, its apparent that Michele has not taken a return to the role off the table.

Lea Michele began her Broadway career at a young age, appearing in productions such as Ragtime and Les Misérables. She originated the role of Wendla in the musical Spring Awakening and currently plays Rachel Berry in the Fox television series GLEE. She debuted on the big screen in New Year’s Eve starring alongside Ashton Kutcher in 2011.


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