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Love & Hip Hop 2 Reunion Recap: Relationships With New Beginnings

UPDATE-VH1’s Love & Hip Hop reunion format was not traditional but still managed to give the viewers enough drama to work with.

Mona Scott Young, the producer and creator of the show was forced to interview the cast individually after several of the ladies refused to be filmed together.

Perhaps the most shocking revelation of the night came through Kimbella Vanderhee. Mona revealed that Kimbella’s boyfriend, rapper Juelz Santana was set to become a cast member to compliment Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones. But while Santana appeared in scenes with Jones’ ex-manager Yandy Smith and Jones himself, he never filmed with Kim. It quickly becomes evident that Kimbella and Emily Bustamante are suffering from the same problem – their man refusing to claim them and remain faithful. In her interview Ms. Vanherhee confirms she is pregnant but her relationship is over with Juelz because he “can’t keep his d*ck in his pants!”

Though Chrissy’s interview was conducted by producer Stefan Springman to meet her demand of declining to sit down with Mona, she still had words for Springman. The uninhibited soon-to-be Mrs. Jones fingered Stefan as the instigator for her distorted image, citing set-ups including the fight in Miami. While Stefan didn’t disagree he did remind her that that’s what she signed up for. Chrissy later coupled the calculated story lines with the possibility of carrying child as her exit for the reality series. “When the cameras rolled it was great, when the cameras stopped, that was still my life, and I don’t think she took that into consideration,” insisted Chrissy about Mona’s betrayal. Both Chrissy and Jim implied they would not return for season 3.

On the other hand, Yandy exposed the source of the tension when she pointed to Chrissy’s jealousy as the primary reason for their deteriorating relationship. Hence Jim asking Yandy to leave the show, but she refused because of money and signed contracts. Olivia who felt she was portrayed as “pathetic” on the show not only signed a new recording contract but she finally picks a side and reveals Chrissy was at fault for the entire melee.

Somaya Reece had a bone to pick with Mona and VH1 for severely cutting back her scenes. “The reality of this show is that a lot of it isn’t real,” said Reece. Despite a quick flare up with Somaya calling Mona a b*tch – things ended well. Newcomer Erica Mena apologized for her outrageous behavior – though it took some convincing with video playback.

Another small surprise of the reunion came courtesy of Emily B who revealed she and rapper Fabolous are indeed dating! Mona revealed Emily’s pitiful plan of hoping to “shame Fabolous into monogamy.” Not only does she believe her plan worked (since he’s claiming her now) but now she’s the bigger star of the two.

“We are dating still. You know when I first came on I said, ‘Oh, he doesn’t claim me.’ He’s doing all the claiming in the world now. Before he was like the star and now we go out and people are like ‘Oh, hey Fab…HEY EMILY!!'”

To further cement their relationship, Emily tweeted a picture of Fabolous sleeping on her chest with the caption “don’t sleep on us.”

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