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Beyonce Debuts Sexy Post Baby Body

UPDATE-Beyonce had her daughter Blue Ivy on her mind when she made her first post pregnancy appearance rocking blue nail polish, a huge, gorgeous blue ring and a Blue Ivy (IV) tattoo. Update – As our loyal readers have pointed out Beyonce’s IV tattoo represents her September 4th birthday and Jay-Z’s December 4th and all the other influences the number 4 plays in her laugh. Though we think it’s not a far stretch to say that Blue’s middle name Ivy had a thing or…four to do with IV..:-)

The new mom arrived to support her husband Jay-Z for his historical performance at Brooklyn’s Carnegie Hall.

Beyonce was nothing short of stunning in an Alice Temperly dress, Ofira & Lorraine Schwartz jewelry, an Alexander McQueen clutch and 4-inch Christian Louboutin pumps. Jay-Z was quite sharp himself with styling by June Ambrose as he opened the show in a white Tom Form dinner jacket. Mr. Carter had a touching moment when he performed his tribute to Blue Ivy in ‘Glory.’ “I didn’t think I was going to make it through that one. That was tough.”

  Beyonce Baby — Blue Ivy Carter Photos

Just one day shy of a month after giving birth to Blue Ivy Carter, the ‘Run the World’ singer’s body snapped right back to form! Accentuating all the curves in all the right places with a glow that only comes from pure happiness. Reportedly Bey also joined her mother Tina Knowles at the after party at Jay-Z’s luxurious 40/40 club.

Now that Jay-Z and Beyonce have gotten the post pregnancy appearances out of the way – next up is baby Blue. Who knows when she will make her debut but no doubt it will be grand and calculated.

See more pictures of Beyonce below:

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0 thoughts on “Beyonce Debuts Sexy Post Baby Body

  1. Carl says:

    That tat is old. Her and Jay-Z have matching IV tattoos on their fingers because they were both born on the 4th.

  2. Mallory says:

    That tattoo doesn’t seem to be for Blue…

  3. obvious says:

    of course it is…”iv” (ivy).

  4. gina says:

    That IV tattoo is not for Blue Ivy beyonce has had that tattoo since 2008 she got that for jay and jay has the same tattoo on his ring finger but beyonce dose look good happy shes back missed her

  5. Callis says:

    CORRECTION!!! For the record, Beyonce had that tattoo way before Blue was ever thought of. Jay-Z has a matching one on his ring finger as well and it not only represents the number 4, but it has the deeper meaning of the notion of forever. I’m a huge Beyoncé fan. Had to set the record straight.

  6. Callis says:

    it’s not. who ever wrote the article is wrong.

  7. BeyonK says:

    Thia article appears to be wrong. The IV tattoo she has on her ring finger is not new. Her and Jay both have that tat and have had it for years now. It was done at the time of their marriage

  8. Heather says:

    The tattoo isn’t for Blue Ivy. It is something her and Jay-Z have had since they were married.

  9. Jessica J. says:

    Make sure you catch stylist, June Ambrose on Monday’s Big Morning Buzz Live, only on VH1!

  10. Lady S says:

    Does anyone question how her stomach got so flat only 1 month after giving birth when you are not even supposed to do anything strenuous for at least 6 weeks after birth? Don’t get me wrong, she looks great but definitely not like a women who carried a baby only a month ago. Whatever the case, she looks happy and beautiful!!!

  11. Moni says:

    she has enough money to be nipped and tucked before leaving the hospital after child-birth.
    they have enough money to get a designer baby – tweek a few DNA here and there…. like the father’s big lips and nose….

  12. Ann says:

    It is possible, if you are the type of person that eat right and have a good exercise routine! If you are eating right and exercising also during your pregnancy, which you can and should do in moderation. I know because right after I had a n 8lb 12oz baby! Also, when you are about three weeks after you had your baby, you can lay in the bed and just hold your stomach in for about ten seconds and release. During three stomach holdings for three repetitions. When I went back for my six week check-up, I weighed the same as I did when I got pregnant. I had a flat stomach and I continue my exercise regiment after my six weeks check up. Of course, everyone wanted to know, how did I do that? I am sure Beyonce have strong stomach muscles, with all of the physical activities she does as well as dance.

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