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Brad Pitt: Angelina Joile Is A 'Bad Girl' In Bed

Brad Pitt recently talked about his partner Angelina Jolie, and said she has a side to her which she only reserves for him behind closed doors.

The A-List actor says despite Jolie’s philanthropic efforts and her dedication to their six children, she still has energy to please him.

“She’s still a bad girl,” a grinning Pitt said Monday on CBS This Morning. “Delightfully so. It’s not for public consumption.”

Privacy at the couple’s home might be the only rare free time Jolie and Pitt get. The lovebirds are often in the spotlight as they travel around the world with their children.

“They’re quite used to a bit of jetlag and moving to a new location, as long as we’re together,” Pitt said. “So the home’s always intact. They’ve got to pack their own bags, and they’re responsible if they leave their chargers behind, and so on and so forth.”

Pitt said that when he’s not enjoying his time with Jolie behind doors, he’s happy “because we [his family] are together. Nothing is as important as family.”

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