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Sanna Lathan Nabs Major Role In Season 2 Of 'Boss'

Sanaa Lathan will join the cast of “Boss”, a political drama featured on Starz, according to  The “Something New” actress will be the new obsession of Kelsey Grammer’s character, crooked Chicago mayor, Tom Kane, in  Season 2 of the television series.

Lathan will play the recurring role of Mona, Alderman Ross’ formidable Chief of Staff, on whom Tom Kane becomes fixated.

“Boss”, created by Farhad Safinia, is a political drama television series about Grammer’s corrupt character,  Mayor Kane, who has recently been diagnosed with a degenerative neurological disorder.  Kane conceals his disease to retain political power as long as possible. Aside from Kelsey Grammer, the series stars Connie Nielsen as  Meredith Kane (Kane’s wife),  Kathleen Robertson as  Kitty O’Neill (Kane’s personal aide), Hannah Ware as Emma Kane (Kane’s estranged daughter), and Jeff Hephner as Ben Zajac – Illinois State Treasurer and candidate for Governor.

Besides Something New, Lathan is known for her role in “Love & Basketball”, “Brown Sugar”, “Alien vs. Predator”,  and “The Family That Preys”.  Her TV credits include a regular gig on “Family Guy”, “The Cleveland Show” and an arc on “Nip/Tuck” as the much younger wife of Larry Hagman, a Texas businessman.

Boss is set to kick off the second season later this year.

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