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Amber Rose Flaunts Her Wealth In New Single 'Loaded'

Amber Rose has dropped her follow-up single ‘Loaded’ from her unnamed debut album.

From “living in a housing project in The Bronx and supporting herself as a stripper, working the pole at Sue’s Rendezvous in Mount Vernon, in Westchester”, wearing her first Chanel garment three years ago, Amber is now loaded.

In the electro-pop single Rose boasts of dropping dollars on designer duds like Givenchy, diamond rings, private planes, generously tipping a waiter and doing it all on her own terms.

“You think I need a man for that? Please, I’m loaded.”

This is Amber’s second single after her Wiz Khalifa collaboration on ‘Fame.’ From the sounds of things Amber Rose is no longer suffering from the pitfalls of fame. Take a listen – what do you think of ‘Loaded’?

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