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Willow Smith Shaves Off Hair For New Look

Willow Smith, 11, and her older brother Jaden Smith shaved their heads to debut a new look for 2012. The children of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith were inclined for unknown reasons to get new haircuts and rid themselves of their signature locks. Jaden known for his cornrows tweeted a picture on January 28th with a new haircut – looking every bit like his father Will Smith.

Less than two weeks later the ‘Whip My Hair’ singer Willow followed suit posting a picture on her WhoSay account of a completely shaven look. And yes this means no more whipping her hair back and fourth.

She posts other pictures that imply the shaven look was weeks in the making. While in a ballet dance studio Willow is seen with a buzz cut and again looks very much like father Will and less like her mother Jada Pinkett.

Would you ever make the bold move and shave your head like Willow Smith?

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0 thoughts on “Willow Smith Shaves Off Hair For New Look

  1. P says:

    Lets face it. Neither one of these two little brats would be doing anything but being spoiled little sh*ts if it werent for their famous parents. Oh but I also have to mention that the media like with so many other nobodies will push them down our throats and try to convince us they are celebrities in their own rights. Bullsh*t, They are nobodies with rich parents who can afford to induldge their little hearts with anything they desire and thats it.
    Find something worthwhile and actually news worthy to write about please.

    1. MeMe says:

      Well, I see they caught your attention!!! Why comment if you don’t like something click to another page.
      Don’t get mad cause their rich and your not. Just stupid remarks from stupid want to be’s!!!

      1. Baygurll 313 says:

        why youu shave your hair mhmm

  2. MeMe says:

    Hey P
    And I’m not rich but I still want to give my grandkids anything they desire,
    Why not. Some kids have nothing. You can tell you don’t have any. You must be a high school or college dummy!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Chartiy says:

    why would nyou shave your hair off i would neva do that

  4. Chartiy says:

    why would you shave all of your hair off now that is something i would never do now to me that was a realy stupid decition to do uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  5. nicole says:

    willow why d id you shaver your hair it was it was cute when it was long! yoo are my number 1 girl singer!!!

  6. Baygurll 313 says:

    why yhu do dat why yuu shave your hair gurll mhmmm .. lmfassofff

  7. Kavon wolfe says:

    Whip what hair haaa haa!!?

  8. trina says:

    i like her hair it look cute for a girl like old is she.

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