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Bruce Willis Convinced Demi Moore To Seek Professional Help

According to reports, prior to Demi Moore’s separation with Ashton Kutcher, her previous husband Bruce Willis tried to get the actress help for her deteriorating health.

“He was worried about her and wanted her to get better,” says the source. “Many of her friends did the same thing, but she just wouldn’t listen.”

The “Die Hard” actor is the father of their three daughters. Two of his kids, Rumer and Tallulah are reportedly staying with Willis as Moore seeks treatment for substance abuse. Scout, who is their other daughter, is away at college.

Rumer has been having a hard time with her mother’s downward spiral.

“It’s hard for Ru right now to see her mom in this situation”, another source says.

Kutcher reportedly rushed to her house a few days ago after returning from Brazil. Sources close to the TV star claims that he’s “deeply concerned” for the well-being of his estranged wife.

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