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Halle Berry And Gabriel Aubry Strongly Urged To Take Parenting Classes

Halle Berry and her ex Gabriel Aubry continue to fight over their 3-year old daughter Nahla. The custody battle reached a new height last week when a nanny accused Gabriel of child abuse. After visits from the Los Angeles Department of Children & Family Services to both Halle and Gabriel’s home – the emphasis was counseling. According to TMZ, the department is urging the parents to seek counseling to learn how to raise their daughter together. In addition to parenting classes for mom and dad, Nahla is also being urged to seek counseling.

Reportedly Halle is ready but Gabriel is refusing, though he did agree to anger management classes.

The judge who’s been working with the parents since the custody battle began has not ruled on Halle’s request to ban Aubry from seeing Nahla until the investigation is resolved.

For the sake of Nahla and her well-being, Halle and Gabriel will do what’s right.

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