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Kelly Rowland: Simon Cowell Dissatisfied With X Factor Performance

Kelly Rowland may not return for another season of UK X Factor if Simon Cowell has anything to do with it –   he’s the creator and producer so we’re guessing he does. Rowland joined judges Gary Barlow and Tulisa after Dannii Minogue left the popular talent competition. It didn’t take long for Kelly to become the talking point for all the wrong reasons from her frequent trips to the US for her album, taking an inconvenient sick leave and her public battle with Tulisa over Misha B’s alleged behavior.

Reportedly a source told Star magazine Simon wasn’t very happy with the ‘Keep It Between Us’ singer; “She’s been told that Simon was disappointed with her performance and felt she didn’t connect with her acts. He didn’t like the way she was with Tulisa. She’s feeling really stressed about her career now and it’s showing in her weight.”

This may or may not come as a shock to Kelly who made an early impression on Simon who dubbed her ‘Lippy’.

“I think it’s because I have something of a smart mouth and I’m not afraid of him.”

What did you think of Kelly’s performance and her sticking up for Misha B – should she return for another season of X Factor?

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