Ashton Kutcher Tight-Lipped As Demi Moore Battles Breakdown

Ashton Kutcher remains mum as his estranged wife Demi Moore was hospitalized for allegedly suffering a seizure from ‘whip its’ filled with nitrous oxide.

While everyone has been sending Demi well wishes, one noticeably missing thoughts of concern has yet to come from estranged husband, Ashton (at least not publicly). The 33-year-old was been seen partying it up at a Bruno Mars concert while cutting a rug with a mob of model-like women.

As POPULARCRITIC reported yesterday, the actress was rushed to the hospital for “exhaustion” from her Los Angeles home. It was later revealed that Demi was experimenting with whip-it, a gaseous canister of nitrous oxide, inhaled from whipped cream dispensers, Demi suffered from a seizure before collapsing into a semi-conscious state. It’s also reported that Demi’s breakdown is a direct result of Ashton’s heavy partying and “acting like a teenage boy”.

The “Two And A Half Men” star is enjoying some downtime in Sao Paulo, Brazil where he has been causing some ruckus during and after the Colcci show. After the runway show, he and a five-month pregnant Alessandra Ambrosio shot a Colcci campaign together.

When Kutcher was asked about Demi as he exited a Sao Paulo nightclub on Tuesday with a blonde in tow, he refused to comment on her condition— or offer any concerns. This was the night Demi was rushed to the hospital, maybe Kutcher hadn’t heard? (A stretch, but maybe.)

Well, by Thursday, Kutcher was tweeting about tech toys, not his troubled ex-wife of six years.

“Citizen journalists take to the sky,” he wrote, linking a story where journalists used drone cameras.

Demi filed for divorce in November after months of speculation that Ashton was cheating.

We hope Ashton is punking us and has reached out to Demi in private – what do you make of his reaction?

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