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Vanessa Paradis Slams Rumors; Demi Moore Possibily Suffered Seizure

UDPATE-Vanessa Paradis slams rumors she split from Johnny Depp while the cause of Demi Moore’s hospitalization could be a result of suffering a seizure after experimenting with ‘whip-its’ – more on this later.

“In the winter I separate, in the summer I marry. It’s been fifteen years since I’ve been getting married every year. In addition I have to answer all these rumors!” said Paradis Tuesday on a French radio station. “These magazines end up in the fireplace or the toilet.”

POPULARCRITIC first revealed reports earlier this month that the longtime couple was experiencing some trouble in their relationship.

“People say we are buying houses in the middle of nowhere, or that we have fifty two houses in France,” Paradis said. All of those rumors are not too serious, but this latest one is a rumor which could cause a lot of harm to my family and my children. “Yes it’s false – of course it’s false!”

Obviously annoyed with the constant fuss of her relationship status, yet stirring more alarm while showing up at her film premiere solo on Wednesday, the mother-of-two made more snarky comments.

“You know, when I eat three peas, I’m pregnant. When I visit a city, I’m buying a house,” she said. “All this is, I don’t know, because the Queen of England didn’t lose her teeth this week and there’s nothing happening.”

As if she had said too much while addressing breakup rumors while promoting for her new film “Café de Flore”, Vanessa took a cryptic approach at her film’s premiere—her PR instructed reporters “not to ask personal questions.”

Vanessa and Johnny have been dating since 1998 and decided marriage wasn’t necessary to validate their love.

“I never found myself needing that piece of paper,” the 39-year-old said Depp said at the time.   “Marriage is really from soul to soul, heart to heart. You don’t need somebody to say, okay you’re married.”

We hope Vanessa and Johnny are still in love and still together!

Demi Moore Rushed To The Hospital For Exhaustion

Demi Moore was rushed to the hospital Tuesday night for ‘exhaustion’, but is reportedly battling substance abuse.

Paramedics were called to the Los Angeles home of the star on Monday night and after a 30-minute assessment, Moore was rushed to a local hospital, TMZ reports.

Moore, who has been struggling with her divorce from Ashton Kutcher, showed earlier signs of concerns in October , a month before their split was announced, at her movie premiere where she arrived looking gaunt. Almost three months later, the “Margin Call” actress was seen partying up with 23-year-old daughter, Rumor Willis in Hollywood.

“When she first arrived, she kept to herself … but she started loosening up and getting into party mode,” according to PEOPLE. “She seemed really happy to be out with her daughter’s friends.”

She wasn’t seen drinking any alcohol, only Red Bull, but began heavily flirting with 90210 actor Ryan Rottman.

“She found ways to touch him all night, and at one point when he was in front of her, she was grinding on his butt,” the onlooker said, adding that “his shirt came unbuttoned, and she started tickling his bare chest playfully.”

From that night to a couple of weeks later, Demi has spiraled into needing help.

“Because of the stresses in her life right now, Demi has chosen to seek professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health,” according to her publicist.

But sources say the mother-of-three was “shaking” and “acting like she was suffering from a seizure” when she was transported to the hospital.

The actress was set to star in the biopic of former porn star Linda Lovelace where she was cast as a feminist activist Gloria Steinem, but has pulled out of the appearance in the wake of her treatment.

Moore recently spoke about her relationship woes after two failed marriages to Harpar Baazar  and spoke of not feeling worthy of love.

UPDATE: According to new reports Demi was “shaking” and otherwise “acting like she was suffering from a seizure,” via NY Daily News. The actress was experimenting with a party drug called ‘whip-it’s’, a gaseous canisters of nitrous oxide, inhaled from whipped cream dispensers.



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