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Amber Rose’s Greed And Lies Ended Relationship With Kanye West

Did Amber Rose lie and cheat on Kanye West while the two were dating?

This is exactly what her former publicist, Janero Marchand, is boastfully proclaiming.

Just weeks after Amber made promotional stints for her new “FAME” single and her upcoming Valentine ’s Day released movie role while not mincing words about what happened between her and Kanye, the blonde model is now facing harsh scrutiny from her ex-publicist about the real dissolution of she and Kanye’s relationship.

In short, she blamed Kim Kardashian.   And when she didn’t didn’t blame Kim, she blamed Kanye for the ill-treatment and attacks on her. But Janero begs to differ.

“Amber Rose allowed fame, money, and greed to get in the way of her self-respect, dignity, and morals. Kim Kardashian did not break up their relationship, Amber did,” he said. “Amber’s lack of gratitude and disrespect for the people who paved the way for her is unconscionable and repugnant.”

Janero Marchard is the head of the Marchard Media Group who introduced Amber to Kanye. After the introduction, Kanye decided to hire Amber for the lead role in the “Robocop” video.

“I was the person who introduced Kanye West and Amber Rose. I just want the public to know that I am a man that conducts my business with integrity and morals. And, I support my clients 100% until they do something that is unethical or unlawful business wise. I never had intentions to speak on this subject, but seeing Amber being dishonest to the media about the reason she and Kanye broke up was the last straw.”

So, what was Amber allegedly stealing and lying about?

“Amber got paid $100,000 for it and I was suppose to get 20% of that, but she had the people pay her directly and try and cut me out of the equation with hopes I never found out. I knew the guy who paid her for the video and he later told me about it. And when I asked her about the money, she was caught off guard that I knew she already got paid. And told me she only got $10,000, but didn’t know I saw the receipt of how much she got paid. So that ended our business relationship indefinitely.”

And supposedly we never saw this $1 million video because Kanye shelved it after he caught Amber cheating.

“It was put on hold and never released after Kanye caught Amber cheating. Kanye to this day thanked me for my honesty,” Marchand claims. “Once I told Kanye the truth, he later caught Amber red handed when she accidentally called an ex of hers with him on the phone. He wrote a song about it called ‘Blame Game’.”

Marchand is set to release a new documentary in February, titled “The Michael Jordan of Models: This Is Janero,” where he will discuss Kanye and Amber in detail.

And the plot thickens. Amber has yet to comment. We rarely hear from Wiz Khalifa, but it would be interesting to know his take on the convoluted story.

Do you think Amber would have blatantly called Kim out knowing she lied and cheated? Or is Janero trying to sell documentaries?

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