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Kim Kardashian Loses More Lucrative Deals Amid GAP Lawsuit

Kim Kardashian and her family’s empire is falling apart. Blame it on her 72-day marriage to New Jersey Nets star on Kris Humphries – it was the single event that made the public say enough is enough. So much so that a Kardashian boycott website was erected and quickly garnered hundreds and thousands of petitioners. The current number stands at 600,000. It was reported today that the founder Frank Basti is a convicted felon who served time in federal prison for mail fraud. Either way, Frank made his point clear enough for brands to listen.

Kim, her mother Kris Jenner and the remaining Kardashian clan were set to publish their own tabloid magazine. It’s an insane idea but speaks to the very machine that has built the $65 million Kardashian empire – control from all corners. It is the control plus the falling brand that damaged the deal. According to the New York Post a source revealed that AMI, American Media Inc., the group that owns the National Enquirer and The Star refused to bend to Jenner’s ridiculous demands.

“AMI chief David Pecker made it clear that there was no way he was going to tell his editors what stories they could and couldn’t do.” Kim also lost her endorsement with Skechers shoes when she was replaced by a dog. The failed deals don’t end there, the Kardashians also lost their deal with Mattel for their own Barbie.

A source for the company confirmed to MTV News, “As popular as the Kardashian sisters are, at this point in time we are not manufacturing Barbie-branded Kardashian dolls.”

In the midst of several lucrative deals falling through, GAP has responded to Kim K’s lawsuit. Kim is requesting nearly $20 million in damages from the brand when Old Navy used Melissa Molinaro in their commercial. The Kardashian attorney asserted that Molinaro caused confusion in the marketplace and damaged the family’s reputation. Sadly for Kim and her fiasco wedding, GAP is fighting back with a slew of evidence that Kim damaged her reputation without the help of Melissa.

Could this trouble spell the beginning of the end of the Kardashian empire and maybe, just maybe the slow down of reality TV?

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0 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Loses More Lucrative Deals Amid GAP Lawsuit

  1. TC says:

    I think it is the end of the fake as we know them Kardashians, but I see a future for several of them in less blatantly greedy ways.

  2. GetWellKatelynn says:

    WOW! All these months I thought Old Navy was in the sack with Kim Kardashian. I boycotted them and did not spend a single penny of my thousands of holiday shopping dollars at any Gap-related store. Now I can shop there again. Sorry Kimmy, the sword cuts both ways.

  3. j says:

    Kris Jenner isn’t a good manager . Those people lie , deceive and are just such a disappointment.
    They have no class, they are gimmicky, make fools of themselves and sue companies for no reason, They don’t do anything positive that contributes to society. They are just whores.
    The mother has no moral fiber, she is sooooo gross. Kim and her sex tape, they have no fashion sense. Kim is pathetic and plastic. What a bunch of losers. Shame on them. Bad role models.
    The mother is gauche. She raised a bunch of disrespectful now adults. Kim is an air head.
    The outfits she wears , all of them wear are not classy at all . And don’t Kim and her too old
    mom look ridiculous in mini skirts ? They are not hot , not celebrities but rather just pathetic .

  4. madeleine says:

    Noone i know likes Kardashian anymore, ALL my friends and myself stopped watching “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. its disgusting how they try to make money walking all over others in the process. And why would she keep her wedding ring? Arent she suppose to return it? Shows how she tried to milk her poor exhubby. Noone deseves to be a victim do Kim and her family’s greed.

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