Rihanna Tweets Sexy Hawaii Pictures Then Flies To LA To Party

In one night, Rihanna went from partying in Hawaii to arriving in Los Angeles, California just in time to take over Kobe Bryant’s table just so she could party some more.

Rihanna, 23, has been relishing in some downtime in Hawaii since the end of her arduous European and South American tour. From a teeny tiny white bikini to a risqué silver, cut-out one-piece, the extroverted Barbados beauty has been frolicking on the beach and a boat making the best of her vacation before gearing up for her Grammy’s performance next month.

“My friends @ColdPlay and I will be sharing the stage for a performance at this years Annual Grammy Awards!,’ she tweeted.

From posting shots of her pointing a long telephoto camera lens at the backside of another scantily clad woman to uploading pics of her on a treadmill, ““Haha, come tap this @Khloekardashian!!!”, the singer seems to be all over the place.

The unreserved tweeter has also been keeping her 12 million followers abreast of her moves while away from the stage. The pop singer (now) infamously tweeted pictures of her smoking with the caption, “Kush rolled, glass full… I prefer the better things!” which brought forth much speculation about what she was puffing on exactly.

Adding to her tweetfest, she uploaded a pic of that sexy one-piece with the caption “Wake…Bake…#CAKE.’”

Fast forward to that LA bash at Greystone Manor, the pop singer and a group of her friends made a late arrival at LA Clipper’s Chris Paul’s new shoe line party and went for Kobe’s table as he left. Not one to miss or create a party, the “Rehab” singer was able to make the most of a few songs before the celebration ended.

Is Rihanna partying ways being kicked up a notch because of that alleged Chris Brown rekindling that he has publicly denied?



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