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Top 6 Reasons You Are Not Married


So its a new year and many of us have a resolution list and I’m sure finding love is at the top. As simple as it might seem, we are unable to accomplish this task year after year. Has the thought crossed your mind that character is an important magnet that attracts a man to us for a moment, season, or a lifetime? With that said, Popular Critic has decided to do some research to identify some of the reasons why love and marriage is not in our immediate reach. Just so you know, we borrowed this list from (Tracy McMillian).

Sit back and answer these 5 questions. It may lead you to understand why you’re still singing Beyonce’s hit song ‘Single Ladies’:

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0 thoughts on “Top 6 Reasons You Are Not Married

  1. NoriMori says:

    “The mistake that most women make is to think they can act like a man when it relates to dating. Women by nature are loyal and nurturing creatures (which is in part due to a bonding hormone) and men look for these qualities in a potential wife and future mother of his children. Stop hooking up with random guys and having sex without any commitment. I know its a new age and women feel empowered to make decisions about their bodies but take casual sex out of the equation and become more selective.”

    So…basically you’re saying, “If you wanna get married, stop trying to gain an equal footing with men, with the same rights and privileges, and learn your place.” Got it. For God’s sake, what is this, the 1800s?

  2. J says:

    Angry, Superficial, egotistical, dishonest floozies get married all the time – haven’t you seen Bridezilla?

  3. roacky says:

    This person asking if this is the 1800s, I feel sorry for people like you. That response suggests an egoistic, proud person; those kinda folks who think the world is about them. Always me, myself and I.

  4. I call bullshiz says:

    I read the article and I call bull shiz… I have to compromise WHO I am to get married, well it is a good thing that I find marriage archaic and unnecessary (and yes I have been married before). Absent of religious beliefs the purpose of marriage has long since died… If I want to date like a man, or enjoy sex for the simple enjoyment of it absent of a commitment than that is my decision and if a man does not accept me and love me for who I am, than he is not who or what I want… I will accept a man for who he is, and expect him to accept me for who I am… this article is demeaning

  5. Melissa says:

    Do you not understand that part of a relationship IS compromise? That’s the nature of interpersonal relationships with other people. You compromise on things because no one can always get what they want 100% of the time. Hence the article talking about people being selfish and wanting it to be only about them. Someone loving you for who you are has nothing to do with comprimising or not, that’s always something that HAS to happen in a relationship no matter what.

  6. mpnn says:

    You’re right. Everyone has a right to do as they please, but sometimes unfortunately, your actions repel others. If you don’t care then great for you. But you can’t expect to behave like a bitch and blame others when they don’t like you. Anyway, this article is not BS. Who would want to share a life want someone who is angry, bitter, superficial, egocentric and dishonest, or too friendly with the opposite sex. Whether from male or female perspective.

  7. van says:

    Why is this just about women? What about a man who is angry, bitter, superficial, egocentric and dishonest? I have known women who are loyal, giving, honest, married to a man who cheat and lie to them on a daily basic. I believe in the art of compromise, but that is for both gender in a relationship, not just for women! “A good wife is not selfish and will support her husband in good and bad times”. How about a good husband is not selfish and will support his wife in good and bad times. When things gets hard, be bails or looks for comfort from another women. It works both ways people. Marriage is hard, so unless your ready to make a life time commitment, stay single and do what ever you want without personal responsiblies. If you want to have a life partner, someone to be your best friend, then learn to put that partner ahead of your own immediate needs.

  8. Nakitia Laureano says:

    So true

  9. Natasha Kidd says:

    Who wants to be married anyway?
    50% of all marriages end in divorce
    I sure as he*ll don't wanna do that bullSh*t again

  10. well my love life means a lot to me.

  11. Nett Thorn says:

    What an insulting article! Disgusting way to asses women.

  12. Tim Castanien says:

    These are just guidelines of common sense approaches to having any kind of healthy relationship, and they are just as true for guys as they are for gals; no real revelations here.

  13. Tess Fatima says:

    I am nothing of all these things! then why the hell I still cant find the right guy?:/

  14. Don't need a man to validate me!

  15. Beary Apple says:

    diffrent people different opinion. those article are good for reading… ^^,

  16. Anonymous says:

    Understanding is the key to any relationship. Love without being judgmental. It works, that's it! 🙂

  17. Sooooo no true! I know of terribly angry, selfish, bitter and ugly women being married! They just found their match! 😉

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