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Rihanna Naturally Sexy In New Armani Ads

Rihanna is the face for Armani’s 2012 Spring/Summer campaign ads.

In an ongoing relationship with the brand, Rihanna released her own capsule collection of laid-back tees and leather jackets in early December.

Fresh off her own campaign release, the sexy Barbados singer was chosen yet again for Armani, specifically Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans, after the brand was conferred as the sexist ad of 2011 thanks to the previous steamy, seductive shots Rihanna produced. Apparently, her sexiness outweighs other controversies surrounding the starlet.

The talented beauty first lingerie campaign ad in mid-December played with the star’s ability to become a chameleon where she donned a short, blond coiffed wig while playing up her sex appeal in the back of a blacked-out automobile.

This year’s campaign went in the opposite direction. Well only in terms of hair, the starlet is still oozing sex appeal. Rihanna appears in the ad with longer, darker locks with a side swept part complete with Brigitte Bardot bangs. Her look is more feminine-flirty with a natural sexiness which is void of the rocker chic look she went for in the preceding ad lay out.

The black and white Stevin Klein shots are play with the singer’s curves positioning her long, lean legs just right, protruding her hips in certain directions perfectly. Rihanna goes from being wrapped alluringly in a white lace bra and panty to form-fitting jeans to striped short shorts while seductively sprawled about on a bed. Her eyes are inviting while meeting the camera head on in the stills.

Does Rihanna sell the Armani collection?

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