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Bethenny Frankel Divorce Rumors Sparked By Reality Show

Did Bethenny Frankel cancel ‘Bethenny Ever After’ because of a pending divorce? We’ve all heard of the reality TV curse, if you don’t get out when you can, reality TV will inevitably doom your relationship. While there are no news of an official divorce, Bethenny and her husband of Jason Hoppy are experiencing some marital woes.

Season 3, the final season of Ever After premieres February 20th on Monday and from the looks of things Bethenny isn’t making life easy on Jason. In on scene Frankel reveals Jason’s penis has “cob webs” on it. In another dramatic scene while Bethenny holds on to their daughter Brynn she demands and apology from Jason, he walks away leaving them alone. (see the clip below)

Late last year Bethennys estranged mother stated the marriage wouldn’t last because Jason is “really too weak for her.”

Who knows what lies at the bottom of their issues but kudos to Bethenny for abandoning ship on the reality show, hopefully it wasn’t too late. Watch highlights from season 3 of Bethenny Ever After. Will Bethenny and Jason make it another year?

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0 thoughts on “Bethenny Frankel Divorce Rumors Sparked By Reality Show

  1. Trudy says:

    How did you come up with the word “divorce” just by watching that clip? All couples have arguments. Bethenny adores Jason and he adores her, they have a beautiful baby daughter who is their pride and joy.

  2. LynnnChicago says:

    Bethenny is a complete psycho and her daughter will likely end up the same way. Hopefully Jason will divorce her and get custody for the child’s sake.

  3. deedeeb says:

    You Lynnchicago are a complete A$$. These two are so right for each other. I hope with all my heart they can make a go of it. If I were a friend of Bethennys I would tell her she has enough money – relax, have another baby, spend time being a wife and mother, you have accomplished a ton from where you once were. Enjoy it now for no one knows what tomorrow brings. My husband died at 44. I am now 60 and so alone. Never thought I would end up like this at 40 – if only I had known I would have lived more then. Don’t say there is always tomorrow because there may not be.

  4. amanda says:

    To the writer of the article: It’s COB WEBS not COW WEBS……and ‘she demands AN apology’….you need to go back to middle school grammer & spelling.

  5. maria says:

    Let’s keep in mind that off the air marriages have struggles in making it. So sadly speaking, this so public couple is faced with even more challenges, considering their new transitions and quick rich status. i hope they make it for the sake of their precious daugher.

  6. Lauren says:

    By the way, Glasshouse, grammar is spelled with an ar not an er. Be nice.

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