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Rihanna Bound To Spark Controversy With New Smoking Pictures

UPDATE-Rihanna was spotted in Hawaii with her usual crew of friends enjoying a much need vacation. It seems the beautiful weather and beaches were not enough to put her hard working mind at ease. Rihanna chilled out with what appeared to be a blunt in her mouth.

Two months ago Rihanna caught some flack after she published her promo pictures for Talk that Talk that featured several shots with her smoking a cigarette. The ‘We Found Love’ singer was accused of ‘glamorizing smoking’ and acting irresponsibly towards her audience.

Despite the criticism the Bajan beauty has always made it known that her duty is not to a role model. So instead, Rihanna tweeted about her ‘Kush’ adventures.

On Thursday, Rihanna tweeted, “4:20… Hi”, the popular term that came out of the 70’s for the time California teens went out to smoke.

Several days later RiRi added, “Waken…Baken…Good morning…….Kush rolled, glass full…I prefer the better things! borrowing lyrics from pal Drake‘s marijuana-inspired song, “Up All Night”.

We are not mad at you Rihanna.

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