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Solange Knowles Unleashes Twitter Rant Over Beyonce Baby Rumors

Solange Knowles has launched a soft twitter rant against all the naysayers of Beyonce‘s baby and pregnancy. Solange became a proud aunty on Saturday night when Beyonce delivered her first child, a daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. For six months the family has suffered through incessant rumors of Beyonce’s pregnancy, whether it was fake, did she have a surrogate and so much more.

For the first time Solange spoke her mind and she remained classy all the way.

“It has really gotten out of hand. I’ve been doing my best at keeping my mouth shut…but the ignorance is really sad and upsetting.”

“We are supposed to be super human and watch people we love get slandered, lied on, and ridiculed. It is one of THE hardest things to accept.”

“In any other workplace..if someone directly tells your mother or sister is a liar and a fake ect…you would naturally express yourself.”

“However, the pure happiness and joy I’ve witnessed and experienced helps me to keep my mouth shut.”

Unfortunately for Solange and the Carter family the rumors may be around for sometime

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