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Beyonce Delivers Baby: Prompts Search For Pregnant Pictures

UPDATE-Beyonce delivered a baby girl on Friday night named Blue Ivy Carter! Reportedly Beyonce gave birth via a scheduled c-section.

Now that the ‘Single Ladies’ star has finally given birth her pregnant pictures have stormed the web! For many in search of Beyonce pregnant pictures it is because they hope to relive the pop star’s 9 month transition but for others it comes from the curiosity to confirm whether Beyonce was pregnant in the first place!   In November Beyonce confirmed she was 6 months pregnant in September which would make her 8 months in November and due in December.

That didn’t slow the debate that raged on over a possible fake pregnancy ever since Beyonce shared the wonderful news with the world at the 2011 MTV VMA’s. Immediately the whispers began over her alleged fluctuating baby bump size, whether she and Jay-Z retained the surfaces of a surrogate and when was she really due. The latest news came in the form of a blind item stating that a Spanish or Portuguese young woman who’s already mother to a kindergarten age child was living in the Lower West Side. She is not married and doesn’t know anyone in the city. But her apartment was reportedly being paid for Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Before the blind item the biggest debate came in October after Beyonce’s baby bump/prosthetic apparently folded as she sat down for an interview. Despite the incessant rumors Mrs. Knowles Carter remained in spirit and always surfaced with a smile, glowing skin and gorgeous style. During an interview with Katie Couric, Bey revealed that the fake pregnancy rumors upset her mother but they’re too crazy for her to be bothered. That’s an excellent spirit.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite Beyonce pregnant pictures out of more than 100 and as many of Popular Critic’s readers have noted, it’s hard to fake swollen feet and a glowing, full face! So check out our faves below:

Beyonce fought off birth rumors when she stepped out with her mother Tina Knowles on 1.5.11

Bey once again defied that pregnancy should be devoid of style when she was spotted doing some holiday shopping in sheer patterned tights 12.21.11

Beyonce shows off her baby bump in Miami during a WTT stop 11.15

A pretty bumble bee on Halloween

Stomping on early fake pregnancy rumors in a white ruffle bikini in Croatia

Beyonce announced her pregnancy!

See all Beyonce pregnant pictures in our gallery to the right – Congrats to Bey and Jay-Z!!!

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