Basketball Wives Star Evelyn Lozada's Wedding Still On Says Chad

Are Evelyn Lozada and her fiance Chad Ochocinco having pre-marital problems?

According to TMZ, Evelyn Lozada has halted her and Chad’s wedding plans because the Basketball Wives reality star suspects her NFL fiance has been unfaithful.

Chad took to Twitter to respond to a fan asking if indeed Evelyn had postponed their upcoming nuptials.

“We don’t pause around these parts it’s called ‘Buffering,'” he tweeted on Thursday.

Chad’s elusive answer prompted follow-up questions from his tweeting fans of whether the two were spitting altogether.

“Broke a lamp or headboard? Not a chance in hell kind madam,” Ochocinco tweeted. To further reiterate, the New England Patriots player uploaded pics of he and Evelyn looking cozy together.

Chad and Evelyn met on the social networking site where they engaged in a bickering account with one another.

“We went from arguing to dating to being engaged,” Lozada told Fox News shortly after they became engaged. The reality star and NFL star duo dated four months before Ochocinco proposed to Lozada, presenting her with a 10 carat ring. Ironically, the two share their engagement day, November 16, with Britain’s royal couple William and Kate. But time will tell if Chad and Evelyn’s “buffering” will lead them to experience a William and Kate kiss.

Or could this be a case of what goes around comes around?

Chad’s ex-girlfriend Rubi Pazimino made claims that the NFL player had relationships with her and Evelyn at the same time. Rubi even reportedly told Evelyn about Chad two-timing the both of them, but Evelyn continued to date Chad.

Well, if Evelyn and Chad are having relationship issues, we think it is best to address said issues prior to walking down the aisle.

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