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Maria Shriver Not Reconciling With Arnold Despite Recent Rumors

Maria Shriver was spotted wearing, what some considered a “reconciliation” ring on her ring finger while she was out running with her pooch.

The intranet was all a buzzed with speculations and surveys of whether Maria should reconcile with her unfaithful, estranged husband Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Maria filed for divorce after learning her husband of 25 years fathered a child with the couple’s housekeeper.

TMZ broke the story about a possible Arnold and Maria reunion after the 64 year old California Governor was seen wearing his wedding ring days earlier.

But PEOPLE revealed to the contrary that Maria’s ring isn’t that ring. The ring in question actually belonged to Maria’s late Mother, Eunice Shriver. It is widely known how the two shared a great bond.

“The bling seen on Shriver’s left hand is actually her late mother’s engagement ring. Shriver, who was extremely close her mom, has been wearing the ring since Eunice Shriver’s death in August 2009.”

Though Arnold and Maria seem to be continuing with the pending divorce, the two will continue to have a good relationship for the sake of their four children.

“Arnold and Maria will always come together when it comes to supporting and loving their children,” says a family insider.

For now, Maria can enjoy her post-divorce mansion and the relationships she have with family, friends, and even Arnold—without the possibility of reconciliation.

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