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Deion Sanders Sets The Record Straight On Divorce From Pilar Sanders

Deion Sanders called into the Doug Banks show of Dallas K104 to set the record straight about the messy headlines of his pending divorce from estranged wife, Pilar Sanders of nearly 12 years.

“I’m not the authorizer of drama,” Deion told DeDe McGuire at K104. “First of all, I’m very calm. I’m not a yeller or screamer and I’m not even upset. It’s just another chapter in your life where you have to move on.”

Deion was somewhat frank about specifics surrounding the twitter rant of his 19 year old daughter Deiondra from his first marriage. Deiondra blasted   Pilar who claimed she was blindsided by the divorce. “I apologize for my daughter. She loves her father and she felt like I was being abused and misused and she lashed out, which she’s sorry for. She wanted to get a lot of things out of her that’s been inside of her. But it’s unfortunate that that really magnified the situation.”

This is Deion’s second marriage to succumb to divorce and his tone seemed to account for wanting to end things peacefully with his soon-to-be- ex-wife. He suggests even after the twitter blast that all is well between him, Pillar and his daughter. That’s simple enough though— Deiondra and Pilar don’t reside under the same roof, but Pillar and Deion still do (despite the packed boxes). “Pilar and I are cool. I mean we’re cool. When I say cool, we’re living under the same roof. That’s true. And Pilar is cool too. And the home is large enough, but you gotta understand we love the babies. I love my babies and I’m a father. It’s cool until the situation is worked out.”

Deion even refused to bash Pilar about extra-marital relationships also alleged by his daughter Deiondra. “I don’t know and I won’t comment on it. Pilar, if she’s not nothing, she’s a friend. She’s the mother of my kids so just think about that. I do not want the mother of my children’s name slandered because she’s the mother of my kids. So why would I suggest that? Why would I want that? I’m not happy with everything that has come out but it really didn’t have to.”

Deion set the record straight as much as he could without placing anyone in a negative light while addressing most of the headlines. Divorce is never easy and we wish all parties the best in its final outcome.

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