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Jennifer Lopez Talking Marriage With Casper Smart

All of you who thought Casper Smart was simply Jennifer Lopez‘s playful rebound may soon be eating your words as the latest rumor claims that the American Idol judge is ready to tie the not with her new boy toy.

According to Star Magazine, a source claimed Jennifer is willing to marry Smart as soon as possible.

“As soon as the divorce to Marc Anthony goes through, she wants to run away with him and get married.” With Marc battling Jennifer for custody this would be an uphill battle.

Now we don’t always give much credence to these rumors but Lopez has been known to be a serial monogamist with a penchant for dancers. She’s also been fairly impulsive in the marriage department; like getting engaged to former boyfriend Ben Affleck after only dating for about a year and a half, and let’s not bring up her first marriage to Ojani Noa, we all remember how that ended.

So maybe four is Jennifer’s magic number…or maybe not as the same source also claims Jennifer’s often opinionated mother Guadalupe Lopez, and her younger sister Lynda are already heated about the possibility of JLO   marrying her 24 year old boyfriend.

“Guadalupe thinks Jennifer has lost her mind,” the source stated, adding;

“She’s outraged that Jennifer is giving Casper an allowance and showering him with gifts. Both Guadalupe and J.Lo’s younger sister, Lynda, are begging her to take a step back, if only for the sake of [her three-year-old twins] Max and Emme.”

The source continued by claiming that the more Jennifer’s family objects, the closer the couple become.

“J. Lo says Casper is the first guy who really gets her, and that he’s great with Max and Emme.”

“The more people interfere, the more adamant she becomes about tying the knot with Casper.”

But this is the same source that got things wrong about Jennifer allegedly dating Bradley Cooper, and later reuniting with ex-Mar Anthony.

Jennifer’s rep squashed these claims by referring to them as “inaccurate”, and although inaccurate is something of an open phrase…we’re siding with Ms. Jennifer on this one by calling this latest rumor totally false. What do you think?

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