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Deion Sanders Divorce Blindsided Pilar Sanders

Deion Sanders announced his decision to end his 12-year marriage with Pilar Sanders on December 17th. Earlier this week it was confirmed that Deion did follow through and file for divorce. Over the two weeks since the divorce announcement it appears that one person remained in the dark, Deion’s now estranged wife Pilar Sanders.

According to Pilar’s attorney Larry Friedman, his client learned of Deion’s decision via TMZ. Friedman told the site that Pilar was “heartbroken and surprised when [she] read … that Deion announced his decision, on his own, to end their marriage.”

It’s important to note that the same scenario played itself out in September when news broke there was trouble in paradise. Deion revealed then while the marriage has weaken they have not opted for divorce.

Friedman added, “Pilar’s sole focus and top priority for the last 12.5 years has been her marriage and children. Based on recent discoveries, [Pilar] now realizes that Deion did not view their family the same way.” It’s safe to assume Pilar and Deion no longer live in the same home and communication is minimal which makes you wonder why this is so surprising.

And despite previous reports that the divorce settlement included Deion purchasing a home for Pilar valued at half the value of his current $21m home, Friedman no such thing is in the works and Pilar has all intentions to “protect herself and her children.”

But before we write off the Sanders as another couple who didn’t make it out together in 2011, Pilar believe, no she’s “confident” that Deion will “come to his senses and return to his family as he has in the past.”

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