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Kim Kardashian Leads The Pack With $600k New Years Eve Offer

Kim Kardashian’s popularity may be waning, but her notoriety certainly isn’t as she continues to command staggering prices for her appearance like her newly acquired $600k for showing up at a New Year’s celebration in the infamous Tao Lounge in Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to Radar Online, the fee is part of a large, multi-event deal with Kim is leading the pack with more than a half a mill and fellow celebrity and musician Fergie will collect a pretty penny as well.

Black Eyed Pea’s front girl Fergie will reportedly receive 100,000 for playing at the new 10ak in the Mirage Hotel and Casino but pop diva Katy Perry isn’t so lucky as she reportedly requested $250,000 to appear (but not perform) during a New Year’s event but has yet to hear from any takers.

Other deal breakers include Sean P. Diddy Combs who previously had a deal regarding a performance at the opening of Hyde in Vegas but later changed his mind because the money wasn’t to his liking. Not to worry though, if you still want to hang with the puff he will be throwing a private bash at his Miami home, perhaps you can still get an invite.

Mariah Carey’s camp had also been seeking an amount hovering the $500,000 range for a brief appearance anywhere, but since nothing has yet to materialize, reports confirm she’s decided to instead spend Christmas and New Years with her family in Aspen.

Even Ashton Kutcher who has recently dominated headlines for his embattled relationship and pending divorce from Demi Moore, has had a few large offers but has yet to accept any at the time.

So many parties and so little time, New Years is only a week away. As usually Kim Kardashian leads the way with the most offered thus far, proving yet again that the Kardashians can make money on just about anything, even an apparently faltering career.

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