Vanessa Bryant Accuses Kobe Bryant Of Sleeping With Over 105 Women

UPDATE-Vanessa Bryant is allegedly accusing her soon to be ex husband Kobe Bryant of sleeping with at least 105 women over their 10 and a half year marriage!!! Last Friday Vanessa Bryant’s divorce took center stage and have yet to release it’s strong hold on the public’s curiosity. After Kobe suffered a blow to his reputation in 2003 when he was charged with sexual assault of a 19 year old hotel clerk, many thought that was the end of the infidelity. At least there were no tabloid reports as was the case with Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.

It appeared Kobe’s infidelity, which eventually resulted in the demise of his marriage, was kept under wraps. A source dished to the National Enquirer,

“[Vanessa] estimated that he was averaging at least 10 affairs a year with different women over the course of their marriage and puts his number of conquests at 105”.

“The lies and deceit hurt, of course, but racking up those kinds of numbers is mind-blowing and left her devastated. And when she discovered he was cheating during the recent NBA lockout, that was the final straw. her private detective caught him redhanded with incriminating photos.”

How long has Vanessa been keeping tabs on Kobe’s infidelities?? Vanessa reportedly planned to divorce Kobe four years ago but was allegedly advised by her mother to wait until the 10-year mark to receive half of Kobe’s earnings. With no prenup her payday stands at $75m. Maybe Kobe was only at 49 four years ago…who knows. According to the same tabloid Kobe had a mistress for over three years, a young cheerleader he met in 2008.

Surprisingly there hasn’t been a barrage of women claiming an affair with Kobe, could the number be inflated? Stay tuned for more in the Vanessa and Kobe Bryant saga.

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