Jennifer Lopez Custody Battle With Marc Anthony Fueled By Casper Smart

Things are really heating up in the Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony battle. After what began as an amicable split back in July is beginning to turn into a nasty custody battle. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are apparently not seeing eye to eye on JLo’s choice of a rebound love.

A source tells US Magazine, “Lopez’s newfound love with Casper Smart, a 24-year-old backup dancer who’s already getting along swimmingly with Max and Emme, Lopez’s 3-year-old twins with Anthony, 43,” is at the center of the battle.

The source continued, “When the Latin crooner spotted photos of Lopez and Smart bonding with his son and daughter during a Thanksgiving vacation in Kauai, Hawaii, he “hit the roof. It caused a huge blowup.” In addition to the family bonding, Anthony also banned Jennifer from allowing Casper to drive with his children in the vehicle.

While it was previously believed that Marc Anthony and JLo had joint custody of their twins, it appears that Lopez had primary custody. Marc wants to change all that and now wants joint custody. We must ask: is it really worth it?

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